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Visit the official YouTube channel of the School to watch public talks and interviews. This site host's center videos as well as school-wide videos arranged by various topics, countries and regions. Watch the latest episode below; click the playlist icon on the top right to find previous episodes.

Featured Interviews

Watch recent informal interviews of our Fellows. Learn about their work, research and public policy views.

Pacific Leadership Fellow Jorge Guajardo discusses how is Mexico positioning itself for better economic relations with China and as a one-party state, how is China similar or different from Mexico in its authoritarian days?

Pacific Leadership Fellow James Ding discusses how Internet entrepreneurship is changing China and tension between the government’s actions to limit access to overseas websites.

Pacific Leadership Fellow Jose Dalisay discusses what is the role of a novelist in promoting democratic expression and how do art and politics mix in the Philippines?

In part one, Pacific Leadership Fellow Arturo Sarukhan discusses what should the U.S. and Mexico do to allow NAFTA to finally deliver its full economic benefit to North America.

In part two, he discusses if Mexico’s new economic reforms what the country needs to unlock its potential for economic growth.

In part one, Pacific Leadership Fellow Kan Suzuki discusses what role he thinks Japanese research and industry will play in the field of regenerative medicine.

In part two, he discusses the most important areas of reform that MEXT should address this coming year.




Mexico and Latin America

Southeast Asia