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CCGT fosters academic inquiry by collaborating with faculty at the School and other departments across UC San Diego. Every year, the center supports grants to fund innovative research by professors and those working with master’s degree and doctoral candidates.


The following grants were awarded:

  • Developing a database for CVC investments in Japan
  • Proving the effectiveness of mapping with machine learning
  • Viewing land cover and land use in Vietnam
  • Comparing city structures and functionalities
  • A crowdsourced understanding of the human footprint
  • Exploring economic activity at small geographies
  • Eyeing how infrastructure affects urbanization in India

Research Fellow

The center welcomes scholars through the research fellowships to interact with faculty and students, access rich resources for research, and participate in the larger UC San Diego community.

Summer Fellowships

The fellowship program was established to assist students at GPS in conducting high-caliber summer internships related to research on economic growth, equality and market change in the Pacific region.