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Sigrid Arzt

Former Technical Secretary of Mexico’s National Security Council and current Commissioner of the Federal Institute for Access to Information and Data Protection (IFAI)

Sigrid Arzt

Residency: Sept. 28 – Oct. 8, 2009

Public Talk: Sept. 29, 2009 on "Organized Crime, Militarization, and Human Rights"

Residency Summary

Sigrid Arzt presented a public talk on organized crime, militarization and human rights in Mexico as well as guest lectured in class and meet with student leaders. She met with the local San Diego police department, U.S. Coast Guard, and the FBI and DEA.


Sigrid Arzt is the former technical secretary of Mexico’s National Security Council under President Felipe Calderon’s administration, where she served as the chair of a council of the highest-ranking federal officials in the area of national security. She has been a consultant for security issues for the World Bank and she has recently been a public policy scholar at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in Washington, D.C. She served as co-director of Mexico City’s non-profit association Democracy, Human Rights and Security, which she founded in 2003. She holds a B.A. in international relations from the Universidad Iberoamericana and an M.A. in international relations and peace studies from Notre Dame University.


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