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Sir Donald Cruickshank

Former Chair, London Stock Exchange (United Kingdom)

Sir Donald Cruickshank

Residency: Dec. 2007–May 2008

Residency Summary

Co-sponsored with the Rady School of Management, Sir Donald Cruickshank presented a public talk on how should the state intervene in markets as well as guest lectured in classes and meet with a variety of student groups. He also visited local companies like Qualcomm Inc., Sempra Energy, San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation and Sky Mobile Media.


Sir Donald Cruickshank has served on the board of directors at Qualcomm Inc. since June 2005. He served as chair of several top regulations, media and telecommunications companies including Clinovia Group Ltd. (2004 – 06), Formscape Group Ltd. (2003 – 06), the London Stock Exchange (2000 – 03), Action 2000, Scottish Media Group (1999 – 2004) and the government review of U.K. banking sector (1998). He was also director general of U.K.’s Office of Telecommunications (1993 – 98). His career has also included assignments at McKinsey & Co. Inc., Times Newspapers, Virgin Group, Wandsworth Health Authority and the National Health Service in Scotland. He has been a member of the Financial Reporting Council, the body responsible for oversight of the accountancy and actuarial professions and for corporate governance standards in U.K., since 2002. He is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland and has received M.A. and LLD degrees from the University of Aberdeen and an MBA from Manchester Business School.