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Glen Fukushima

Senior Fellow, Center for American Progress

Residency: April 20 – May 1, 2009

Residency Summary

Glen Fukushima shared personal anecdotes as he addresses the changing relationship between the U.S. and Japan over the years at a public lecture. During his visit, he took advantage of San Diego’s proximity to Los Angeles and attended Fortune Magazine’s “Brainstorm Green” conference in Laguna Beach.


Glen Fukushima is a senior fellow, Center for American Progress. Previous positions he has held include president and CEO of Airbus Japan, director for Japanese affairs, deputy assistant of U.S. Trade Representative for Japan and China at the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative, president and representative director of Japan operations for Arthur D. Little, Inc., co-president and representative director of NCR Japan Ltd., and vice president of AT&T in Japan. He studied at Stanford University for his bachelor’s degree and at Harvard University for his MBA and law degree. He served two terms as president of the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ACCJ). He is currently on the board of directors of the Japan Association of Corporate Executives and the Japan Forum on International Relations.