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Taro Kono

Director General, Liberal Democratic Party’s International Bureau

Residency: Feb. 7–10, 2011

Public Talk: Feb. 7, 2011 on "Securing Japan's Future: How the LDP Can Meet Economic and Security Challenges"

Residency Summary

Taro Kono presented a public talk titled "Securing Japan's Future: How the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) Can Meet the Economic and Security Challenges." In addition, he guest lectured in a masters-level course on Japanese politics for GPS students. He met with the Japanese Consul General and leaders of the San Diego Japanese community. He also toured San Diego military bases where he gained insight into finding ways to improve the relations between the military bases and local communities.


Taro Kono is a fifth term member of the House of Representatives (DIET) and he is currently serving as director general of the Liberal Democratic Party's international bureau. He earned his bachelor’s degree in foreign service from Georgetown University and also attended the Central School of Planning and Statistics in Warsaw, Poland.


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Public Talk

Taro Kono appointed Minister for Foreign Affairs
Former CGT Pacific Leadership Fellow appointed by Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to become the new Minister of Foreign Affairs
 | By Amy Robinson | GPS News

Seven-term Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) Member of Japan’s House of Representatives Taro Kono was appointed on Aug. 3 by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to serve as the country’s new Minister of Foreign Affairs.