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Noelle Lenoir

Partner, Kramer Levin (France)

Residency: Oct. 22 – Nov. 2, 2012

Public Talk: Oct. 24, 2012 on "How the European Union is Striving to Face the Financial Crisis"

Residency Summary

Noelle Lenoir spoke at a talk titled "How the European Union is Striving to Face the Financial Crisis," where she gave an overview of the new treaties and regulation aimed at reinforcing the governance of the Eurozone and ensuring the proper functioning of the financial solidarity mechanisms, allowing bail outs in favor of member states in distress. She attended a "Brunch with the Bench" event at the University of San Diego Law School where she spoke with USD law students and faculty. She also met with Qualcomm Inc.’s directors and members to discuss new innovations and initiatives. She made several connections with GPS faculty members, graduate students and community members.


Noelle Lenoir is a partner at Kramer Levin in Paris, France. Her practice focuses on European competition law, public and constitutional law, regulations and strategic alliances. She has had a distinguished career as a government official and jurist in France. She served as the French minister of European affairs and as mayor of Valmondois (1989 – 95, 2008 – 10). She has also served on France’s Constitutional Court as the first woman and the youngest person ever to serve. She has been a member of the Conseil d’Etat since 1984 and was a former chief of staff of the Minister of Justice (1988 – 90). She was appointed by the French government to review French and international bioethics laws, which provided the foundation for the adoption of the French bioethics law. She chaired the European Group of Ethics for Science & New Technology (1994 – 2001) and the International Committee on Bioethics of UNESCO (1992 – 98), which drafted the Human Genome and Human Rights Declaration that was endorsed by the UN in 1998.


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