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Chris Locke

Founder, Caribou Digital

Residency: April 7–19, 2014

Public Talk: April 9, 2014 on "Mobile Technology at the Border" and April 16 "Creating New Connected Economies"

Research Interests

  • Mobile Industry and Services
  • Social Effect of Mobile Technology


Previously the managing director of GSMA Mobile for Development, Chris Locke is now the founder at Caribou Digital, working with development organizations to build digital economies in emerging markets. It helps take critical mobile services such as health, farm, money and learning tools to scale to help countries develop at a nationwide level.

Locke has spent the past 15 years working in the mobile and internet industries for companies including the Virgin Group, Three, AOL and T-Mobile. Previous to his industry career, he was the Xerox Lecturer in Electronic Communication and Publishing at University College London, and has maintained strong links to the research community. He is coeditor of “Thumb Culture: The Meaning of Mobile Phones in Society,” an anthology of research considering the global social effect of mobile technology.


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