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Major General Shahzada Alam Malik

Former Chairman, Pakistan Telecom Authority (Pakistan)

Major General Shahzada Alam Malik

Residency: April 6–10, 2009

Residency Summary

Major General Shahzada Alam Malik presented a public talk at the California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology, which co-sponsored the event with CGT. His presentation discussed the telecommunications industry of East Asia. He also met with GPS students where he drew upon his military background to discusses terrorism in Pakistan at an informal luncheon.


Until his retirement in July 2008, Malik headed Pakistan’s telecom regulatory body as chair of the Pakistan Telecom Authority. He has also served as chair of both the Islamic Republic of Pakistan’s Frequency Allocation Board and the Special Communication Organization. He was elected president of the Asia-Pacific Telecommunity during the 10th Session of the General Assembly in November 2005 and he has represented the Pakistan at various international telecom forums. He is widely acknowledged for his progressive policies and has played a significant role in the growth of the telecom sector of Pakistan.