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Shigeki Morinobu

President, Japan Tax Institute

Residency: March 5–9, 2012

Public Talk: March 7, 2012 on "A Rubric for Comprehensive Tax Reform in Japan”

Residency Summary

Shigeki Morinobu provided an overview of reform objectives and options as a rubric for evaluating the proposed tax overhaul and presented a public lecture, “A Rubric for Comprehensive Tax Reform in Japan.” He shared that there is more to tax reform than consumption tax hikes. In this talk, Morinobu outlined the basic objectives and tools of tax reform and explained how they apply to Japan today. During his residency, he met with Takeo Hoshi of Japan Research Group to discuss “Politics of Fiscal Consolidation.”


Shigeki Morinobu is currently teaching at Chuo University's Law School and a senior fellow of the Tokyo Foundation. After earning a law degree from Kyoto University in 1973, he joined the Ministry of Finance as advisor to the minister of finance of Japan in London. He has been teaching at Osaka University and has taught at Princeton University. He was president of the Policy Research Institute, a visiting professor at the University of Tokyo and a visiting scholar at Columbia Law School.


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