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Paul Ramadge

Former Editor-in-Chief, The Age and current Vice Chancellor Professorial Fellow and Executive Director, Global Initiatives at Monash University (Australia)

Paul Ramadge

Residency: Oct. 1–13, 2012

Residency Summary

Paul Ramadge spoke at two public lectures, both dealing with media and journalism coverage. At the first lecture, "Inside the Media's Coverage of People Smuggling between Indonesia and Australia," he gave a rare insider's account of The Age's performance in covering a story on human trafficking and the refugee and asylum seeker crisis. The second lecture, "Truth, Knowledge, and Trust in the Media," addressed the topics of editorial trust, deep and fast journalism, and the politically slanted U.S. Media. He also guest lectured in professor Robert Hooper's "Conflict, Terrorism, and The Media" course as well as a journalism class at the Preuss School. He made connections with several faculty members, graduate and undergraduate students, and community members.


Paul Ramadge is the vice chancellor's professorial fellow and executive director, Global Initiatives at Monash University. He was previously the editor-in-chief of The Age, one of Australia’s oldest, leading newspapers, in Melbourne. He led the newspaper in producing high quality journalism, becoming a leading multi-media publisher in Australia. With a media career that spans more than 30 years, he is a highly influential opinion leader in Australia. His views on journalism, leadership, audience engagement and the changing nature of the media are highly sought. He has been a contributor to the Australia America Leadership Dialogue, Asialink, the Australian Science Media Centre and the Committee for Melbourne.