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Andrew Robb

Australian Federal Member for Goldstein and Incoming Minister for Trade and Investment (Australia)

Andrew Robb

Residency: Jan. 5–30, 2009

Residency Summary

As the shadow minister assisting the leader on emissions trading design, Andrew Robb was eager to make connections with climate change experts in San Diego to talk about the work U.S. officials are doing. He addressed this global issue at a Dean’s Roundtable lecture and went into further depth with GPS students. He made a number of connections with the UC San Diego and greater community during his residency.


Andrew Robb is Australia’s federal member for Goldstein and shadow minister for finance and debt reduction. He also serves as chair of the Coalition Policy Development Committee. He spent the early part of his career in agricultural economics with the Department of Agriculture in Victoria, before serving as executive director of the Cattle Council of Australia and later the executive director of the National Farmers’ Federation. He served as federal director and campaign director of the Liberal Party, and he was elected to the federal seat of Goldstein in October 2004. He has been awarded the Office of the Order of Australia and Centenary Medal for his service to agriculture, politics and the community.

"Tony Abbott names his new Ministry"
Andrew Robb Appointed as Incoming Minister for Trade and Investment
September 16, 2013, The Sydney Morning Harold