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Jorge Rodriguez-Grossi

Former Minister of Energy and Finance (Chile)

Jorge Rodriguez-Grossi

Residency: May 10–24, 2007

Residency Summary

Jorge Rodriguez-Grossi spent two weeks at EmPac, presenting lectures related to the economic and business situation in Chile and interacting with community and business leaders who share his interest in energy and environmental issues. Highlights of his visit include his participation in the Geopolitics of Energy Conference at the Institute of the Americas, and site visits to the California Center for Sustainable Energy and Kyocera’s solar tree installation.


Jorge Rodriguez-Grossi has held key positions in Chile, including minister of economy and energy for Chile, and undersecretary of finance (1992) and regional development (1994). He also served as CEO of Guacolda S.A., a private electric power company in Chile. In 2001, he was appointed minister of economy and energy for Chile. He is currently the dean of economics and business at the Jesuit University Alberto Hurtado in Chile. He finished his undergraduate studies at the Universidad de Chile and graduate studies at Boston University (under an AID fellowship). He has an M.A. in economics, an M.A. in Latin American development studies and is a Ph.D. candidate in economics.