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Il SaKong

Chairman and CEO, Institute for Global Economics

Il SaKong

Residency: Nov. 5–13, 2012

Public Talk: Nov. 8, 2012 on "The Asian Economy in the Global Setting"

Residency Summary

Il SaKong presented a talk entitled "The Asian Economy in the Global Setting," where he spoke about how the global economic weight has been shifting toward Asia, prominently in recent decades. He responded to questions of whether this trend would be sustainable and what kind of global policy implications would this great economic power shift have on Asia itself and the rest of the world. He met with the students, faculty and members of the Korean and Korean-American community in San Diego.


Il SaKong is the chair and CEO of the Institute for Global Economics, a private non-profit research institute in Seoul. He served in the Government of the Republic of Korea as minister of finance and chief economic secretary to the president. He also was senior counselor to the Minister of Economic Planning, and senior economist of the Presidential Council on Economic and Scientific Affairs. He attended Seoul National University and earned both his master’s and doctorate degrees at UCLA. He was a professor of economics and finance at New York University and a visiting lecturer at the University of Sheffield, U.K. Before joining the Korean government, he held the positions of senior fellow, research director and then vice president of the Korea Development Institute. Since 1989, he has also been special consultant to the IMF in Washington, D.C.


Public Talk