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Kazuhiko Toyama

CEO and Representative Director, Industrial Growth Platform

Residency: March 1–13, 2010

Public Talk: March 2, 2010 on "Corporate Restructuring in the 21st Century

Residency Summary

Kazuhiko Toyama spoke on the corporate restructuring in the 21st century at a public talk. During his stay he also guest lectured in classes and met with students, leaders and members of the Japanese community in San Diego and Tijuana, Mexico.


Kazuhiko Toyama is the CEO and representative director of Industrial Growth Platform, Inc., (IGPI) a Tokyo-based private innovation fund. With a background in business and a reputation as an innovator, he founded IGPI in 2007 and has seen the company thrive by providing management support services to struggling companies and offering strategies for sustainable business operations. He was a founding member and later CEO of Corporate Directions, Inc. (CDI), which successfully turned around 41 companies in Japan, a former COO of Industrial Revitalization Corporation Japan, Inc., and member of Japan’s Council on Economic Fiscal Policy, the Council for the Promotion of Regulatory Reform, and the Council for Science and Technology’s Basic Plan Special Committee. A graduate of the Faculty of Law, University of Tokyo, he earned his MBA. from Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business.


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