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Lan Xue

Dean, School of Public Policy and Management, Tsinghua University

Residency: Jan. 29 – Feb. 19, 2011

Public Talk: Feb. 1, 2011 on "The Changing Role of Chinese Universities in China’s National Innovation System”

Residency Summary

Lan Xue presented a public lecture on the changing role of Chinese universities in China’s National Innovation System as well as guest lectured in class and met with student leaders. He presented at the IGCC "Public Forum on Chinese Universities and Innovation - Comparisons with the U.S." event.


He is a Professor and dean of School of Public Policy and Management, Executive vice president of the Development Research Academy for the 21st Century and director of the China Institute for Science and Technology Policy at Tsinghua University. Trained as an engineer, he has two master degrees in technological systems management and public administration from State University of New York at Stony Brook. He holds a Ph.D. in engineering and public policy from Carnegie Mellon University and taught at George Washington University before retuning to China in 1996.


Public Talk